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Kinos im Peirush Kadmon

Kinos im Peirush Kadmon

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Kinos on Tisha Baav
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The first publication of a manuscript peirush on the Tisha B'Av Kinos from one of the early Chachmei Ashkenaz.

The Kinnos can often appear a mystery. The words are hard to understand, the concepts are only hinted to. There are very few printed commentaries on the Kinnos, and they are from the Achronim. When different commentators give different explanations, it is hard to know who to follow.

For the first time, we have published a commentary on the Kinnos of Tisha b'av written by one of the Rishonim. The Rishon explains the roots of many of the difficult words, thus making for a new translation and understanding of the entire Kinnos.

For easier reading, there is a new running commentary (in Hebrew) translating the Kinnos line by line based on the words of the Rishon.

Features an elucidative commentary and extensive footnotes. Includes davening for Tisha B'av as well as the entire Kinos.

241 pages. Hard-cover. All Hebrew.