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The Rav Thinking Aloud on the Parsha: Sefer Shemos

$25.00 Summer Sale! $18.00

This second volume in our collection of Chumash shiurim by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik features:
  • Over 50 concise lectures on Sefer Shemos
  • Verbatim transcripts, so the reader can enjoy the Rav's unique speaking style, and feel like he's sitting in the presence of the Rav
  • A new question-and-answer format to help the reader focus on essential concepts
About the Author

Rabbi David Holzer studied under Rabbi Soloveitchik at YU, and served as his personal shamash for six years. He now lives in Miami Beach, Florida with his wife, and most of his children and grandchildren.

300 pages, hard-cover. With pictures !

$25.00 Summer Sale! $18.00